DIY Wall Art ~ Butterfly


DIY Wall Art ~ Butterfly

This project is my version from Shanty Chic 2.  Only difference is the size and the color.

You can click on her link above or flow the instructions below. Thank you Ashley I’ve made several of these.


Gorilla Glue

2 – 1×6″ white wood boards and cut 9 @ 16 ¼

3 – 1×2″ @ 8 ft. Select Pine boards

17 ft. of Quarter Round

10ft. of Cove Moulding

Bull Clips at Hobby Lobby


Ryobi 10′ Compound Miter or Saw and Miter Box

Kreg Jig Pocket Hole System

Ryobi 18-Volt Battery Brad Nailer

Rust-Oleum Dark Walnut stain

Glue Gun

Clean   Lint –free rag

Here’s how you can build your own!  (My purchases and cuts are based on 3 frames).  ***Suggest measuring as you go, especially on the moulding cuts.  Boards tend to vary.)

They were quick, easy and only $15 each!  They are HUGE and a lot of BANG for your Buck!!

2 – 1×6″ white wood boards and cut 9 @ 16 1/4″ with the Ryobi 10′ Compound Miter.  This saw is so smooth and perfect for smaller projects like this!

If you don’t have a Compound Miter saw, no worries!  This is a very simple miter-job that can be done with this inexpensive hand saw and miter box!

Next, used the Kreg Jig Pocket Hole System to drill pocket holes into 6 of the 1×6 boards. Drill 1 1/4″ pocket hole screws from each end of a 1×6 without pocket holes forming a pallet of 3 – 1×6 boards.

3 – 1×2″ @ 8 ft. Select Pine boards for the outside trim.  Make 12 – 45 degree miter cuts at 18″ long point to long point.  (If you are not familiar with long point to long point, it refers to the measurement from the longest point on one end of the board to the longest point on the opposite end).  The ends will not be parallel, meaning that you will have to slide your miter from right to left to make your cuts on each board.

***When cutting your moulding pieces, you will need to cut both ends of the board.  You can not finish one piece and use the mitered edge of the scrap piece.  You need to make a fresh cut and then cut the other end.***

Use the Ryobi 18-Volt Battery Brad Nailer to attach the 1×2 trim to the pallet.  (Run a thin line of Gorilla Glue wood glue at each joint for added strength)!

Now for some fun 🙂

17 ft. of Quarter Round and made 12 – 45 degree miter cuts at 16 1/4″ (long point to long point).

10ft. of Cove Moulding and made 12 – 45 degree miter cuts at 9 1/2″ (long point to long point).

Apply Gorilla Wood Glue along the edges where the 1×2 trim and pallet meet and then lay your quarter round moulding down.

After installing quarter round.

Now, apply a thin line of Gorilla wood glue to the back of each cove moulding piece and arrange them in the center of the pallet forming a square frame.

Let it dry.

Once the glue dried, I applied one coat of Rust-Oleum Dark Walnut stain to each frame.  I used a foam brush to apply, let it dry for about 5-10 minutes and then wiped it with a clean cloth.  You do not need to remove all of the excess stain when wiping.  Just use the cloth to blend it well.

Take the bull clips from Hobby Lobby and hot glued one in the center of each square frame.

And add a cute picture to each frame.  And, that’s it!!!




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