Holiday Teardrop Swag


Hello everyone! This week I was going through my supplies to double check what I had from what l didn’t. One of the things I found was pinecones. My grandchildren and I would collect them from the neighborhood. Ahhh, but what to make with them? One a nice holiday swag for the front door, you know like the really nice ones you see online or during your shopping trips, but they are so expensive. Well with the pinecones I already had and a few extra supplies mine cost me $20. Now that is affordable. (Sorry, no in progress pictures. I did this on a whim.)




Long needle artificial pine garland wired (WalMart had a 9ft one for $6)


12″ round wire wreath


Red Christmas berries


Cream/Champagne Christmas berries


Fern branches


Natural Curly Ting Ting branches




I can’t tell you how much of each because it’s all in the eye of the beholder.

Take your wire garland and start covering your wreath attaching with twists ties. Leave a long tail (double). Attach to the bottom half to form a teardrop. There you go.

Next, is where your vision comes into play. Heat up your glue gun. As this heats up arrange your foliage as you want. When you got it, go back to your arrangement and start gluing.

Find a piece of string or ribbon about 12″ long and fold in half. Turn your swag over to the back and loop the ribbon around the back, tie the ends together.

You’re done, hope you enjoyed this short tutorial as much as I did. Please visit again to see what else i did with the pine cones.

Happy holidays from my home to yours.







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