Triple Pedestal Dining Table

Hello everyone, Happy Holidays. I know so many of you are very busy getting ready for Thanksgiving, I would like to say I am so grateful you took a moment out of your busy time to visit me. Thank You.

I also have been very busy. This year my husband challenged me to get our big table done before Thanksgiving. He didn’t think I could do it. Ha Ha, I showed him, and two additional chairs also.

This table is gorgeous, but I cannot take all the credit. This design comes from Ana White.

Without further ah do:




My Grandson Jaden, needs some credit here also, he helped me with the screws and the sanding. Great job Son, Son.


Now that all the sanding was done and taking the time to admire. It was time for the stain.

I went with MinWax Espresso to blend with the other piece I have.

Don’t forget the pre-stain with MinWax.



Now the stain


I wanted a really glossy look and I wanted to protect this jewel from all the spills and food that its future holds. So I polyurethane it. Three coats then a quick sanding and then the final coat.

And here she is:

Isn’t she Pretttttty.

I hope this inspires you to try this and bring everyone to your table this Holiday season.


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